Purple Dragon Mother

Healing from Child Abuse

About E.L. Henderson…

I am a survivor of 15 years of complex child abuse; mostly physical, some sexual.  I entered therapy aged 24, working with a counsellor and following self-help programmes in books.  I live openly with my history and identify as a survivor and am now in my 40’s.

When I was 28, I trained to be an online listener for a well known charity.  I then changed career and began to work in a hostel, then worked at the forefront of another well known national charity in London.  In both of these jobs, I assisted those being abused to flee safely and then to rebuild their lives.  In total I did this for 14 years.  I have retired from working with that level of risk now, but it my latter years in the role, I put down everything I learnt about living and coping with life as a survivor and I write this blog in case anyone finds what I have to say helpful.

My book is available worldwide on Amazon.